I Am Not Your Enemy EP

by Notrees

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A series of songs recorded this year and last with a similar melancholy. I am not your enemy. Enjoy.


released November 29, 2014

Treavian Simmons - Bass, Vox, Synth, Production, etc.
Ebon'e Williams - Vocals on Tiger, Bomb, Hexagon



all rights reserved


Notrees Austin, Texas

Queer punk/clothes wearer/I am not your enemy today.

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Track Name: Such Great Heights
Gotta be forgiven if we're gonna keep on living
And I know it's easier to say
Gotta do it anyway
Clouds go by and seasons pass, days draw on I know we'll last
(Cause) college comes and knowledge goes
But friendship never grows old.

Relationships are fickle and we get caught in the middle
But I've known that for all my life
And we've bypassed the strife
Brown's the color of your skin and you're name's a tone of it
SB love you just as much
You two deserve such great heights.
Track Name: Believe In Me
Death is an alarm clock you see it's ominous
And won't go away until dealt with
Like that nervous tick or those shaking limbs
Death can be the, well, death of you
In more ways than one but death can be fun
If one were to harness that fear
One can attach a mountain to their idea
And it will be bigger than ever
Or one can conquer weather
To destroy, build, whatever
Who the hell cares

About your fear and what you do with it
It could be like that anyway, you have to be ambitious
The thought of wanting to be more than what you really are

And the world, the world
Will believe in you
You'll see

Because I believe in me.
Track Name: Tiger, Bomb, Hexagon
You are vulnerable, you are a tree
The wind blows and you bend and then stand strong again
You are the only one truly to see
That we are impenetrable, we are a cake
Cut right down the middle we're shared just a little
But made again forever we stay

The tiger, the bomb and a hexagon
There's not much in common you think
Put them together, they're flawed and they weather
The storm and the flood with refusal to sink

You're unpredictable, you are the fall
Seasons before and after, a continuous chapter
Of a cycle set in time for us all

These contradictions made with such conviction
Are what set us in motion tonight
Tomorrow and then some even by our lonesome
Together through fear and delight

The tiger, the bomb and a hexagon
There's not much in common you think
Put them together, they're flawed and they weather
The storm and the flood with refusal to sink

We are invisible, we are the floor
Walked over by most but without it we coast
Into the abyss, no longer to soar...
Track Name: Tethered
That tiny little light that never fades from within
The most unnoticeable corners of my mind
We're best friends you see, always have and will be
I need no one else in all honesty

But you
Oh you
You're nice and lovely
You smell
So clean
You look so pure

That light is all I need but I really want you
And it appears you want me too
I'd love nothing more than to live and die
Knowing that I made, made you

The happiest
To ever exist
No one
Can take
That title away from you

So tether me, tether me, tie me down
I won't run away, no escape, won't cry
I'm tethered, tethered, tied down
But honestly, no place I'd rather be than bound by you
Honestly no place I'd rather be than bound by you.
Track Name: I Am Not Your Enemy
To carry a sigh across the sea;
The wind must love the sound;
A curious why, a lover's plea;
Such winds will carry around;
For melodies to travel the breeze;
The meadow must show delight;
The birds and trees and flowers and bees;
Now sing with all their might;
They keep afloat for some time;
But torn wings weren't meant to thrive;
A ring drawn down to be;
The first cast aside;
To look at you and say;
That I am not your enemy today;
To be alive, just to be;
Your enemy is what you see;

To look at you and say
That I am not your enemy today.
To be alive just to be
Your enemy is what you see.